Why Monday Mornings Are So Great

Monday mornings are often seen as the bane of our existence, with the end of a restful weekend and the start of a new workweek. However, there are several reasons why Monday morning can actually be great. Firstly, Monday mornings signify a fresh start, a new week with new opportunities and challenges. It’s a chance […]

Ignite Your Business – Write a Book

The following article was written by Stephanie Larkin, Publisher, Red Penguin Books. I agree with everything that Stephanie wrote, and as a matter of fact, Red Penguin Books published our very own compilation written by A’s Netters, Shared Wisdom. What can help you to stand out from your competition in a crowded field? What gives […]

5 Reasons Blind Imitation is Killing Our Health

This article was written by A’s Netter, Evan Mestman https://proattitudes.com/ Read it and reflect on your own health and wellness, and see if you are falling into any of the traps mentioned below. Do you remember playing Picaboo for the first time with a child? They learn by imitation. When we are adults, though, imitation […]

Introverts and Networking Can be a Match Made in Heaven

Many introverts get a severe case of the jitters when they have to attend a networking event. Let me suggest another perspective – being an introvert is can be your super power. Here are some suggestions on how you can best harness your power and be a successful networker: Prepare ahead of time: Before attending […]

In Real Life

I especially loved our in-person Manhattan networking meeting yesterday because A’s Netter, Josh Fields, did a superb spotlight during which he shared personal information and insights into his life. It’s difficult to differentiate in NYC where there are thousands of residential real estate brokers. By personalizing his presentation and sharing tidbits about his family and […]

Timing is Everything

Yes, timing can be a critical factor in sales and networking. Understanding the right time to reach out to potential customers or contacts can increase the chances of making a successful sale or connection. For example, if you reach out to a potential customer at a time when they are not interested in purchasing, and […]

What Makes a Good Networker?

Strong communication skills: A good networker is able to clearly and effectively communicate their ideas and connect with others. They are able to listen actively and tailor their approach accordingly. Empathy: A good networker is able to understand and relate to the needs and concerns of others, and build connections based on common interests and […]

I Feel Like One of the “Cool Kids”

When the pandemic started 2,489,417 years ago (oh, was it only 3?), lots of individuals decided to take to the road, stay in an AirBnB in some exotic locale, and work remotely. After all, there was no need to stay at home, when they could take this time to explore the world. Not being one […]