Adrian’s Network: Networking Rules of Conduct

Adrian’s Network (“A’s Net”) is a great group of professionals dedicated to helping each other through mutually beneficial networking. While A’s Net members enjoy more freedom than those in other more formal groups, there are some rules that they must follow.

ListServ Etiquette

The A’s Net listserv is a great resource for our members to connect with fellow members, promote themselves, and reach out to the group for resources and advice. Given that the listserv currently has approximately 400 subscribers, some rules must be in place to ensure that the listserv remains such a great resource for members.

“Reply all”

Members may NOT use the “reply all” button to respond to listserv e-mail UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Members may only respond to the posting member directly. If you believe that your response provides information that would be useful to all members, then you may e-mail said response to Adrian Miller directly for her approval before forwarding the response to the listserv. Please be very careful to follow this guideline!

If a member uses “reply all” mistakenly, do not exacerbate the situation by making a public remark on the listserv. This only serves to further clutter members’ inboxes with irrelevant content that we are looking to avoid.

Self Promotion and Spotlights

The Listserv may only be used for self-promotion purposes on your monthly “spotlight” day, which corresponds to the first letter of a member’s last name. For example, if your last name starts with the letter “A,” then your spotlight day is on the first of the month. Spotlights must have the name of the member and the fact that the e-mail is a member spotlight in the subject heading of the e-mail. If a member misses their spotlight day, s/he MUST wait until their spotlight day on the following month to post a spotlight.


Members may use the listserv to inform the membership of an upcoming networking event (even non-A’s Net events). If a member is organizing an event and wishes to use the listserv to promote it, s/he may do so if and only if, subject to the below, A’s Net members are given a discount on admission to the event.

There is a standing exception to this rule for 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organizations. Fundraisers or awareness campaigns for these organizations may be promoted on the listserv without the need to provide a discount.


Members may use the listserv to solicit the sale of personal items or the personal items or a friend or colleague. Such posts may only occur once per month per item. Such a post does not need to occur on a spotlight day; however, a member may NOT promote the product(s) or service(s) s/he sells professionally as a personal item.

Resumes & Job Postings

Members who are given resumes of job candidates are encouraged to first forward the information to the myriad recruiters in A’s Net, whom can be contacted via the membership directory. If, after forwarding this information to recruiters, you still wish to send out the resumes, then you may do so once per candidate. Posting a resume may be done on any day and does not count as a “spotlight.”

Members who are looking to hire new employee(s) may post a job description on the listserv at any time, but may only do so once per-month per-position.

Slander and Hate Speech

A member may not use the listserv to disparage, embarrass, or otherwise “bad mouth” another member. If members have a disagreement, they may speak with each other personally as using the listserv to further their disagreement is inappropriate. The A’s Net listserv is not a place for “flame wars.” If a member believes that someone has used the listserv inappropriately, the member may not use the listserv to “shame” him or her. Their only remedy is to contact Adrian directly.

A’s Net has a zero tolerance policy for hate speech or the use of disparaging slurs or language directed against any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, nationality, or disability. Any member who uses the listserv to promote hate speech shall have their listserv privileges immediately suspended until further notice.

Adrian’s Network Inc. reserves the right to suspend the listserv privileges of any member who posts anything profane or pornographic on the listserv.


The A’s Net listserv may not be used for political discussion, for the promotion of a candidate for elected office, or to rally support for legislation. There are plenty of other venues for these discussions and the A’s Net listserv is not the proper place for them.

Virtual Meetings (i.e. calls)

While participating in a networking call, members must keep their phones muted, either by using the mute button on their phone or pressing *6, until Adrian calls on you.

If a member needs to take another call, s/he must disconnect from the call. If this occurs, the member may reconnect after their business is complete. Under no circumstances may a member place the networking call on “hold.”

Use of the A’s Net Directory

The A’s Net directory is a great tool for making new connections. Although members are not technically required to set up a profile, they are highly encouraged to do so as the network benefits from a complete directory. Members are also encouraged to use the directory to contact other members to connect with them professionally and begin a networking relationship.

Members are prohibited from adding another member’s contact information from the A’s Net directory to their mailing list (including e-mail) without that member’s express written consent.

Members may not provide a member’s contact information, or other personal information, to a third-party (compensated or not) for marketing or advertising purposes. Any member found to be doing this shall be suspended from using the directory on the first offense, suspended from the network for one month without a refund on the second offense, and expelled from A’s Net on the third offense.


Email or call Adrian if you have a question about what you wish to post.

Violations of the Rules of Conduct

We endeavor to provide a supportive community in which we can all benefit and thrive. If a member violates the rules of conduct on a continued basis, actions may be taken including suspension of listserv privileges for a specific period of time. Please note this would be a last resort and the member would be contacted prior to any action being taken.