Too Much Networking?

Are you loving networking just a little too much? Perhaps.

Here’s the deal…

The pandemic opened the doors to scads of new networking opportunities.

That’s a good thing.

We know that networking can be an effective biz dev tool.

It also has the risk of taking over your life, with calls filling the day leaving little time for revenue-generating work and getting closer and going deeper with people you already met at those “other” networking meetings.

Round and round we go, 30-sec intros, information in chat, talking squares, round and round till it’s a blur.

My gosh, those Zoom squares are addictive.

My personal strategy is the following and it works. Perhaps it can work for you too.

Go deep. You need relationships before there are biz opportunities or referrals. Deep doesn’t happen in a Zoom box.

Get closer. Ask questions to uncover the “real” person in the Zoom box and find out how you can help him or her. Close doesn’t happen in a Zoom box either.

Make phone calls or meet in person. I’ve been making it a point to do a certain number of calls per day to schmooze, listen, and learn.
Have fun, laugh, and that’s when the magic begins.

Ask for what you need. You need to earn the right to ask for what you need. I mean, I’m very protective when I make intros and I don’t want to screw up. I need to know you before I introduce you to one of my trusted contacts, a prospect, or a client.

Provide value. We know that takes time.

Yes, Zoom is amazing but it’s the start of something and not the be-all and end-all. I think too many people are on too many Zooms and it’s been going on for too long.

Examine your revenue stream, look at the business that is coming in, and if necessary, re-engineer your networking strategies.

Think fewer, deeper, closer, and more intense. Then watch the business fall into place! Make money!