Be Fearless. Be Charismatic. Be a Legend. 4-Part Presentation by Scott Mason.

Mark your calendar for April 8 at 2pm (registration will open via the Adrian’s Network website very soon) for a truly unique group learning and discussion session on a new paradigm for being fearless, finding charisma, and becoming your own kind of legend.

As we emerge from two years of unparalleled business upheaval — and face even bigger challenges with new crises and rapidly accelerating innovation and change — the fundamental meanings of career and professional possibility have radically shifted.  In the entrepreneurial community, entire business models have collapsed and the entire concept of career is on the line.  

In this webinar, the first of 4 parts, we’ll discuss:  

  • How Your Toxic Myths Can Straitjacket  Business Success
  • The Importance of Dislodging & Replacing Them
  • Using Charisma to Make Your Professional Vision a Reality
  • The Value of Building a Roadmap to Professional Freedom

Looking for a new way to frame your challenges and ignite a different way of thinking for a new world?  Then this is for you!