Three Tiny Steps to Networking Success

Three Tiny Steps.

That’s all…three.

To make your networking more effective and fun.

Consider this:

If YOU work with solopreneurs and owners of small businesses and one of your networking contacts does as well, and you don’t provide the same product or service, why not introduce each other to some of your clients or prospects. Make a proactive intro and let them take it from there. WORKS EVERY TIME.

Introduce people because of lifestyle, hobbies or interests they have in common. (It doesn’t always have to be business. 2 people that love wine, 2 people that are into music, love to travel…you get the idea.) WORKS EVERY TIME

Be proactive and not reactive. Just because someone hasn’t asked you if you know a CPA, business coach, or sales trainer (!), doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be introduced. Networking is a long game. Being proactive is the ONLY way to be a real resource. WORKS EVERY TIME.