I Feel Like One of the “Cool Kids”

When the pandemic started 2,489,417 years ago (oh, was it only 3?), lots of individuals decided to take to the road, stay in an AirBnB in some exotic locale, and work remotely.

After all, there was no need to stay at home, when they could take this time to explore the world.

Not being one of those people. I hunkered down right at home and remained in my home office until things opened up.

The truth is I was always a bit jealous of the people that I Zoomed with, those that were now residing in other states, and those that even made their way across the ocean.

I felt pretty darn lame, but I stuck to my guns. Working remote from a distant location didn’t suit the other important parts of my life.

And so I stayed.

Fast forward to right now and I’ve joined the cool kids, a tad late, and definitely not as cool as it would have been in early 2020, but here I am nonetheless.

I am spending the month of January in a cute little cottage on a bayou on the West coast of Florida.

It’s a new spot for this very well-traveled woman, and so far, so good, or more accurately, so great.

The location is sublime, the cottage perfect, and I am integrating work and pleasure without a single blip.

Zoom meetings are going well, a Zoom training class went off as well as it would have if I was in NY, and I am attending to all of my writing and networking too.

Of course, I’m enjoying the change of location, especially when it means taking daily walks on the beach, and sitting in the sunshine.

I recommend doing it!

There’s some prep and planning involved, but when isn’t there. I’ve met some new people, and that’s fab for networking too.

If your circumstances allow you to do it, go for it. There might not be another opportunity, so do it now.