They’re Going on a Tad Too Long, Don’t Ya Think?

They’re intro is going on a tad too long, don’t ya think?

Confession – I experience MEGO (my eyes glaze over) when someone’s intro is way too long.

Their 15-second intro as best taught to us by the amazing Laura Allen seems endless.

And they seem oblivious to the visual cues being given by the folks in the zoom room.

Fact – The best networking intro is succinct, and leaves people wanting to know more. It’s solution-based, and not filled with endless features that leave listeners cold.

I adore incorporating “my clients tell me” as a lead in because it is not me bragging about my skills or solutions, but instead is positioned as a client testimonial.

Fact – people “hear” how you sound before they “listen” to your words, and in my experience if they don’t like how you sound, they will not receive your message in the way you intended it be taken.

When you marry the right tone, manner and inflection with exquisite verbiage, you have an intro made in Heaven.

How do you into yourself?