Proactive Networking is the Goal

“Do you know a (Fill in the type of business, such as web designer, life coach, CPA, etc)?”
When you respond and offer up a name, it feels good, but it isn’t proactive networking.
Proactive networking occurs when you see possible business synergies between two individuals, and not because they had an immediate need and asked for a name.
Here’s why making proactive introductions rocks:
By initiating conversations and introductions, you show confidence, initiative, and a genuine interest in others.
The proactive approach enables you to expand your network, exchange ideas, and gather information that can be instrumental in your career or personal development.
It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise, share your goals, and establish a positive impression.
Proactive introductions foster trust and rapport, making it easier to seek assistance, collaborations, or mentorship when needed.
In networking, the early bird often catches the worm, and proactive introductions can open doors to numerous opportunities.

(PS Can you make 2-3 proactive intros today?)