10 Reasons to Join Adrian’s Network (by Rob Intelisano)

Thank you Rob Intelisano

1. Adrian– need I say more!

2. International contacts for travel & business– for ex I met Alberto Zuppi (former Argentina Minister of Justice) at his A-net book signing (Yes, he signed one for me) and he took me out when in Buenos Aires at a life insurance convention. 

3. Culture and Social Events– Attended 2 memorable events recently with Liz King’s “Bliss in the Kitchen” sick plant-based cooking workshop and Pat Gericke’s phenomenal Art Gallery dinner. Bravo ladies!

4. Business– We have done business with and given business to several A-net members, and I like the way Adrian and folks “protect the network” by trying to give members the first chance at the business in hand.

5. Relationships– I’ve met many amazing people and just took 3 A-net members to a fantastic Yankee game last month!

6. Spheres of influence– Not all members truly recognize the “Power” of this type of network where you are only 1 person removed from getting something done.  USE the listserv!

7. Time Management– My insurance Agency business affords “Time freedom and Money-Freedom” two powerful things. Adrian has mastered these entrepreneurial benefits and sets the example by living it!  Can’t is NOT in her vocabulary!

8. Meetings optional– Must admit I’m part rebel and left the corporate managerial world to avoid meetings, lol. That being said, Adrian’s meetings are run with military precision whilst being fun and educational.

9. Prompt responses– Most of my service providers are doing a great job so for the first time I needed a cleaning service provider last week.  Literally in 2 minutes using Swiss Time, Adrian sent me 2 services to interview, 1 of whom she and another A-netter already used and can vouch for saving me TIME (see reason #6)

10. Marketing– Adrian recently teamed up with Bennet Gold to help me create my 1-page CV (bio) and my video.