Adrian’s Stimulus Plan

Watch out Washington, here’s Adrian’s stimulus plan.

With a simple disciplined plan to reach out to others, you can and will increase your sales. Don’t fall into a downward slide of pessimism. Get out there and start making it happen!

Expand Your Circle

Make it a weekly goal to “meet a specific number of new contacts. Does 10 makes sense? 20? More?!  Remember, there is safety in numbers. The more people you can connect with, the more opportunities that can come your way, period.

Attend Networking Zooms

Too many people think that they’re above having to attend networking Zooms and these are many of the same people who are complaining about their lagging business. Commit yourself to attending Zooms regularly. You might generate some new leads and contacts, but just as importantly, you may be able to provide help to someone who also needs a leg up.

Become Active in a Group/Committee/Association

Undoubtedly, you’re a member of at least one industry association or business group. While you may have ignored their email invitations to events when times were good, you could probably benefit from their support now.

Show Some Appreciation

Now is the time to thank all of those loyal existing clients who have given you business through the years. Be generous with your appreciation, and you might just drum up some new sales.

Work Your Database

Make it a daily plan to start reaching out to everyone on your database. Begin with the smaller accounts and work upwards so that you don’t miss anyone!

Cross Sell Everyone

If you’re making assumptions about what your customers want and need, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to cross sell. Always provide information on all that you have to offer and let them decide what they want to buy.

Oh yeah, vote for me:) My stimulus bill works!