Networking in 2021

We’re seeing a lot of posts about good riddance to 2020. This isn’t one of them. This is not a look back at 2020, but a seriously important and seemingly obvious message for 2021 – networking must be reciprocal.

MUST be.

I don’t mean tit for tat. I’m not that petty.

I do mean you must not only be on the receiving end of introductions, but you must make them too. Real introductions. PROACTIVE introductions, and not only because someone asked if you “know someone that….”

It doesn’t have to be an intro to a direct client. It can be an intro to someone that can help your contact because they are:

A terrific referral source;

A podcaster that can have your contact on their show;

Someone with whom your contact can cross blog;Someone with whom your contact might be able to a joint presentation;

Someone that works with your contact’s market but doesn’t do what they do;

Someone that has incredible business insights.

Proactive introductions must be part of your business DNA.

If you’re not doing this type of business networking right now, perhaps consider switching it up in 2021.