Did You Know That I’m Invisible!

Did you know that I’m invisible?

It’s so very interesting.

I’m a keen observer of human behavior and interaction and as I have aged, I’ve noticed that I’ve become more and more invisible.

Some of it is grand; some of it sucks.

It’s grand:

To not to get stupid comments on the streets of NY

To be able to walk around in a cloak of invisibility much like in Harry Potter

To (occasionally) have someone give me a seat on the subway

To have gravitas brought about by decades of experience and success

It’s bullsh-t:

To be marginalized because of age

To have the wait staff assume I need help accessing the menu with the QR code

To assume that everyone past 50 must dress in pastels and cardigans

I think this happens at networking meetings as well!

What’s been your experience?