3 Keys to Networking Success

I was recently hired to run a program about networking and here’s what the participants told me were their top 3 take-aways:

Being PROACTIVE is key. If you are waiting for someone to ask you for an introduction, you’re not really networking. Doing proactive introductions should be part of your networking DNA and will help you to get more intros as well.

Be CREATIVE about your introductions. They don’t have to be linear (i.e. the carpet guy wants to know the RE person who needs to know the movers). Sure that’s great, but do make intros because people work with the same types of clients but don’t do the same work. Make intros because both people are passionate about a certain hobby or share something in common.

Create VALUE and stay visible in ways that add value to the relationship even before there is a real relationship. Checking in and touching base are useless over the long-term and networking is most assuredly a long-term game.