What Makes a “Good” Networker

Wow, interesting question and one that I get asked quite often: “what makes a great networker?”

Well, for me, it’s really pretty simple and here are the attributes I hold most highly when evaluating someone’s networking prowess.  What about you?  Agree with me?  Have some additional thoughts?

A good/great networker is:

  • Generous. They understand that it is at least as important to give s to get and they walk the talk.
  • Intuitive. They are able to get beneath the surface story and understand where and how two people will be able to connect in a professional and productive manner.
  • An Excellent Listener. They have the ability to listen honestly and deeply, without jumping to premature conclusions about the “worthiness” of their contact.
  • Strategic. They understand that networking is a business development strategy and not something in which they engage without planning and process.
  • Visionary. Networking takes time and requires patience and vision as to what can develop. They have this down in spades!
  • Honest. There are lots of networkers that BS themselves and their networking contacts.  They’ll “think about” how they can help, they “will get back to you” with introductions and you know the story, they do nothing at all.

Agree?  Looking forward to your feedback and comments.

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