Business Lessons Learned From My Mom: Happy Mother’s Day

My mom was a bookkeeper yet I know that she never considered it a career. I can’t say that I thought of her as a role model when I launched my company but now I realize how alike we are.

Sweat the Small Stuff
My mom was always a stickler for details & she was a pain in the butt as she nagged to get things done correctly. Now I preach to folks that the dollars are in the details. The “small” things like being responsive to calls & emails, make a difference.

Work Hard
Energy was my mom’s middle name. Up early, she multi-tasked her way through each and every day, tending to the myriad of details that tend to fall into a working mom’s universe. And although she didn’t view her “job” as a career, she was dedicated to getting everything done even if it meant staying later. I never consciously thought about my mom’s energy, but it sure rubbed off on me.

First Impressions Count
My mom was a fashionista. She was on me constantly about how I dressed & I rebelled by not embracing her values. However, once I started my public speaking & training career & spent my days in front of an audience looking at me for hours at a time, I realized just how critical my appearance was.

Mom is gone now but thanks are in order for all that she taught me through the years. Happy Mother’s Day.