Backup, Backup, Backup

A great reminder from A’s Netter, Kim Poulos:

This may be redundant information but I suggest you backup in a redundant manner!

For KGI that means on multi-levels:
First our local server with redundant drives. If one goes down another is running right behind it. If a drive fails or needs replacing we don’t lose time or data. We keep working seamlessly.

Secondly, we use individual drives with time machine for local backups. This way anything specific to one system and not on the server is still being backed up. Just in case!

And lastly but NOT least at all – we have set up a system that does daily backups of the entire system and server to the cloud …yes daily.

Did we learn the hard way? Sure. Is there a cost to all this? Of course! But it is nothing compared to the horror of losing an entire client file or job just before it’s due to go to print or losing many hours to look and look and try to recover pieces only to have to rebuild. Add in angst and anger too. Or the sadness of losing your family photos.

Is it overkill? Maybe, but ask me a for a file from 2011. Or ask anyone who has ever lost time or data!

Could we do better? Perhaps. But for now I am a fan of backing it all up, over and over again!