5 Reasons Blind Imitation is Killing Our Health

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Read it and reflect on your own health and wellness, and see if you are falling into any of the traps mentioned below.

Do you remember playing Picaboo for the first time with a child? They learn by imitation. When we are adults, though, imitation can kill us. When we grow older, sometimes we will do what others do, especially if they are successful, because it might rub off on us. On the other hand, blindly adhering to others’ opinions without questioning their motivations can be harmful to our health. I’ve been thinking about the drawbacks of imitating others. We are more likely to overlook the underlying causes of health problems because blind imitation breeds superficial and shallow thinking. Just like a Xerox copy of an original document, when we blindly copy something over and over, the original motivations of behavior are lost in translation. Just like fine lines turn to grainy dots, and lines show up where they don’t belong, imitation of others can lead to unhealthy habits.

Following Fad Diets

Nearly everyone has been on a diet, including me. It’s funny, though. We are the only organism in the world that purposely goes on a diet. Fad diets promise quick results with little effort, but they often lack essential nutrients our bodies need and the most important ingredient- lifestyle changes. Blindly following a fad diet without understanding its underlying principles or evaluating its effectiveness can lead to malnutrition and other health problems. Instead of following a fad diet, we should focus on balanced and nutritious habits that provide our body with what it needs. 

Relying on Supplements

Relying on supplements to provide your nutrition is like driving with a flat tire.  If you were driving with a flat tire, your car wouldn’t be able to perform properly, and you could potentially damage your vehicle. Similarly, relying on supplements to get your nutrition, you’re not getting the full benefits of a healthy diet, and you could potentially cause harm to your body by overloading certain nutrients. Taking supplements without understanding their interactions with our body or without consulting a healthcare professional can result in vitamin toxicity or other health problems. Instead of relying on supplements, we should focus on getting essential nutrients from balanced and nutritious habits.

Ignoring the Importance of Physical Activity

It’s amazing how many people in the world can’t get up from the ground or squat, yet we evolved to deeply squat to move our bowels. Physical activity is essential for maintaining good health and mobility but many people tend to imitate others and adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Blindly following others’ lifestyle habits without understanding the importance of physical activity can lead to a multitude of health problems, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and even depression. Instead of leading a sedentary lifestyle, we should prioritize regular physical activity to maintain good health.

Neglecting Mental Health

Mental health is equally important as physical health, but it is often overlooked due to societal stigmas or lack of understanding. Blindly imitating others’ attitudes towards mental health without understanding its importance can lead to adverse effects, such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Instead of neglecting mental health, we should prioritize it by seeking professional help, practicing mindfulness, or engaging in stress-relieving activities.

Failing to Understand the Importance of Sleep

Sleep is crucial for our overall well-being, but many people tend to overlook its importance and prioritize other aspects of life. Blindly imitating others’ attitudes towards sleep without understanding its importance can lead to adverse effects, such as sleep deprivation, mood swings, and even chronic diseases. Instead of neglecting sleep, we should prioritize it by establishing a regular sleep routine and creating a comfortable sleep environment.

It’s an illness, these self-defeating neural circuits we follow over and over again.  Blind imitation instead of deep thinking can be detrimental to our health by preventing us from truly understanding the root causes of our illnesses. Without understanding the motivations and underlying principles of habits or evaluating their effectiveness, we are stuck with superficial and shallow thinking. It would be better to understand and evaluate any new changes to your lifestyle before adopting any habit to avoid falling into this trap.

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