22-Course Dinner? Absolutely, Say Members of the Adrian’s Network Community!

What a fabulous night!
Ingrid Schwartz, Peter Stein, Debbie Van Dorne
Anne Napolitano, Riva Schwartz
Alan Schwartz, Debbie Van Dorne, Peter Stein
Evan Mestman, Robyn Joseph
Yummy food
More yummy food.

Our annual dinner outing to Maroni’s is just one of our stand-out events that make Adrian’s Network unique in the networking world.

Speaking for myself, I can’t wait until we go back to Maroni’s next year. Until then we have theater, a book club, beach parties (in the summer, of course), MasterMind sessions, and so much more to accompany our “regular” networking.

Visit us to experience the Adrian’s Network difference!