You Didn’t Think I Was Worth Your Time

Have you ever gone to a networking event only to have someone decide that you weren’t “worthy” of their time and attention? Ever had them turn their back when they found out that you were a solopreneur or simply starting out? How about having them return your card because they didn’t see that they would have much use for it?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it but all of these situations have happened to me and to other networkers that I know. So let’s put it into perspective:

You don’t know to whom I am married and where they might work

You don’t know my clients, referral sources or prospects

You don’t know where I worked before

You don’t know how deep a database I might have

You don’t know that I am an open and generous networker and would happily help you make connections if only I had the opportunity to get to know you.

So before you “assume” that someone isn’t worthy of your time and attention, take a step back, spend the few minutes and get to know who they are. Expect something good to happen and it often does; “assuming that someone can’t help you will often turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.