What Kind of Year Are You Going to Have?

Queen Elizabeth II once described 1992 as her “annus horribilis” – the year when the marriages of her two sons broke down and her beloved Windsor Castle caught fire. For us, 2020 was our annus horribilus. A pandemic, political upheaval, unemployment, food insecurity, business failures, we’ve all dramatically lowered our expectations and goals. The fear is that things were so bad this past year, that anything will be an improvement. Sure, we’re all a bit shell-shocked, but really, is “anything” the goal you want to set for yourself and your business?

Without a doubt, it’s time to turn the chapter and set goals a whole lot higher than “anything is better”.

Why not set outrageously optimistic goals? What a blast when you accomplish them. If you fall a bit short, you won’t feel bad because they were so optimistic in the first place. What if you only set the “anything” goal and you don’t achieve it? You’ll most likely feel like a loser and will consider 2021 another annus horribilus.

Positivity starts with you now. It will propel you to succeed and keep you motivated through the bumpy and cyclical phases that everyone and every business experiences. Why not be the one to set the lofty goal. Who knows? You might just start a trend that turns this year into a whopping success!