Meet Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes

Evan Mestman is the CEO and Founder of ProAttitudes. From ProAttitudes:

Your core beliefs, conscience and subconscious, drive your thoughts that feed your moods and motivate your actions. If you can reprogram the flawed core beliefs, you can create new neural pathways which literally change the way you think and feel. Change is possible if you choose to think differently. Create a mindset that allows for positive change.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Evan and ask him a few questions about his sales and business development tactics.

I think he’s going about it the right way. His success certainly validates the quality of his work as well as his sales and marketing initiatives!

1.  How do you get your clients?

I have a few sources- 1. happy customers who have succeeded with lasting changes are my best referral source 2. doctors and psychologists referring patients that are in need of change. 3. from my sales funnels that attract customers- 1. daily posts on social media, 2. from my monthly free workshops, and from my website.

2.  Do you like to “sell?” Do you like to network?

I like to connect with people and get to know them first.  Some Networking serves that purpose, others don’t.  Not everyone is a good fit for my program but everyone has a unique and interesting story that I enjoy listening to. Although I follow a sales process, I don’t sell because no one wants to be sold to. But everyone buys. Only if you truly listen to people, connect on a personal level, ask questions and unearth their “pain”, can you offer your services to solve their problems. 

3. What’s your biggest challenge in sales?

Patience! I want it to happen more quickly, but building a brand takes time. My leadership style is focused on service. Give first, and the rest will follow. I know that bringing value is a big part of what success is all about. With a growth mindset, winning attitude, and making the time to practice the behaviors and techniques that foster meaningful connections, sales will follow.