Meet Becky Nova, Founder of Lady Landlords

1.  How did you build Lady Landlords? 

I started Lady Landlords as a community to ask my own questions about Landlording and quickly realized that I was not the only one out there looking for the same help. By creating a FB group, members could post any time they needed help and can also respond to other’s inquiries.

2.  What’s your one tip on how to nurture a community?

One tip for nurturing your community would be to poll them regularly. I often ask questions to make sure I am creating content and sales offers that speak directly to their pain points.

3. What are your top 3 goals for 2021?

My goals for 2021: 1. Grow my audience to 25k 2. Solidify my sales offer and process 3. Hold the First Annual Lady Landlords Conference and launch a paid membership site