September 20, 2023 In-Person Meeting - Queens Lunch 12:00PM EST

SaranRom Thai
81-10 Broadway
Queens, NY 11373

MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
Bib Gourmand: good quality, good value cooking
Longtime fans of the previous tenant (Paet Rio) will be thrilled to know that little has changed under this new name. The interior is still as cozy as ever, like a long train car with wall-to-wall wood paneling and redolent of incense. Service is welcoming and attentive; and the food, most importantly, remains notably appetizing, in an area rich with competing Thai kitchens. The dizzyingly long menu features curries, fried rice, salads, and stir-fries. But look closely and you’ll find real gems, like yum pla duk, or a delicate weave of crispy catfish topped with tangy mango salad. Miang kha-na is an essential starter, mixing lime rinds, pork, and peanuts to brilliant effect. Bright, fiery, sharp, and spicy—this is Thai food in its most captivating form.