Playing It Safe In Front of the Room

Are You Playing It Safe In Front of the Room?

Whether it’s a meeting room, a virtual platform or a conference, your business success could be at risk if you present the way you always have.

Why do you Play it Safe in Front of the Room? One reason is limiting beliefs that block your self-expression.

In this webinar, Diane DiResta will show you how to Stop Playing It Safe in Front of the Room so you can  Be Respected for your Leadership and Admired for your Inspiration.

You’ll learn 

·       Barriers to Presentation Brilliance

·       How to Reinvent to Elevate your Executive Presence

·       A New Safety Net to Uplevel Presentations

·       Your Breakthrough Knockout Presentation.

June 1, 2023 Special Video Webinar Presented By Diane Diresta 12:00 PM EST

Location: This will be a video conference using Zoom. Details to follow by email. There will be presentation by Diane Diresta.