Your Voice Mail System Sucks (And Other Laments of the Modern Day Business Person)

Okay, I get it. Many (most) of the calls that I make terminate in me leaving a voice mail message. Prospect, client, vendor, networking contact….it hardly matters.

No one is ever in his or her office and if they are they have caller ID to screen out any unwanted calls. (Oh gosh, am I one of the unwanted?)

Anyway, as a sales trainer I hear rather frequently how difficult it is to get through and how this obstacle has surely changed the face of sales.

Yes it has.

But here’s another thing that has recently started to bug me and that’s ineffective, unprofessional pain-in-the-butt voice mail systems.

You know what I mean:

  • You call and the message goes on and on and on until you finally arrive at the point where you can leave a message (after you’ve had to listen to endless advertisements and self promotional messaging)
  • You are about to leave your message and the system disconnects you
  • You carefully punch in the name of your contact only to find out that their name isn’t in the system
  • You try to default to a live person and the system continues to send you back to the beginning of the loop
  • The voice on the message is too faint or is extremely fast or otherwise incomprehensible and so you must call again to discern out what the message is saying

And so it goes.

Really, don’t we have enough frustration in our business lives to not have to deal with crappy voice mail systems too?

So checkout your own voice mail automation and make sure that you aren’t subjecting callers to ineffective messaging and bad technology.

Remember a bad voice mail message can reflect upon the quality of work that will be delivered. I know we almost always evaluate the quality of the message that is being LEFT but well, the message that is being received is important as well.

Fix it if it needs to be fixed.

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