Why I Keep Doing What I Do!

I have to admit that many of the people I know are slowing down. The interesting thing is that almost all of them are working at corporate jobs.

These folks that have climbed the ladder in big companies have now started to retire, while others have attempted to negotiate 4 and even 3-day workweeks in a sort of pre- retirement stage.

They’re in their fifties and sixties and eagerly anticipating their next dance.

As for my entrepreneurial friends and business contacts that are solopreneurs or running small to mid-sized companies, the push to retire is almost non-existent.

Quite the contrary. Much like myself, these individuals continue with the same drive, passion and intensity with which they started their company (in my case, 30 years ago!).

Slow down. Heck no. I’m just getting started.

My work feeds my mind and keeps my body and brain nimble. I wake up each morning with a purpose that excites me and puts a smile on my face.

Are there days that I would much prefer to snuggle in bed and spend the hours in other pursuits? Sure but the vast majority of the time I am immensely happy to leap from bed and start my day.

The fact is that I don’t think I’m different from most other self-employed boomers that are not planning to retire any time soon.

Here’s what makes me (us) go:
1. We love what we do.
2. We run the show and the choreography of the business is of our making.
3. We are energetic and enjoy juggling. I find that with kids out of the house it is even easier to focus on work.
4. We are good time managers and know how to get to the gym, enjoy vacations, spend time with the kids and even read a book or two all the while working and growing our businesses.
5. We know that we need to get enough sleep and exercise and we eat nutritious meals in order to maintain our stamina.
6. We have a support group of friends, business contacts and family that support and encourage us each and every day. Our support group are our cheerleaders and hug us when we fall apart and shout our praises when we succeed

So no, I’m not slowing down or retiring any time soon and in fact, I have plans to start some new ventures in the next year.

There’s so much more to do and no time to waste.

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