Why Bother Networking If You Don’t Follow-Up

I know I’ve written about this before (actually many times) but it never ceases to amaze me how many folks are out there going to events and meetings and then neglect to follow-up or even respond to follow-up overtures made by others.

If you’re reading this then please know that I’m a total zealot when it comes to the act of the follow-up.

It must be timely and relevant or frankly, why bother.

For instance, today I received a follow-up email from a business conference that was held the week before Memorial Day. The email was a stone cold sales pitch with not a bit of personalization except for the opening line which indeed thanked me for taking the time to chat with them at INSERT INCORRECT SHOW.

Yep, they used boiler plate, forgot to change the show and pressed “send.”

Embarrassing, sure and certainly diminished their chance to get post-show business.

Even more problematic was their hard sell approach especially since our connection at the show was minimal.

The follow-up is a critical moment in every sales process. Mess it up and you can lose opportunities before they have a chance to take root.

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