What’s Up Networkers: You’re Not Friendly!

It shouldn’t be difficult, should it?  A networking event. A trade show. A business expo. I attend lots of these types of events and I am always amazed by the people that are simply not friendly.

Now, I’m not implying that I want them to be my new BFF or perhaps loan me money. Not at all. But friendly…c’mon, that’s not setting the bar too high.

A smile, a pleasant greeting, a look of acknowledgement—is that too much to ask? Perhaps it is, at least for some folks, because there always seems to be a sampling of individuals that simply refuse to crack a smile, make eye contact or indicate in any manner at all that they recognize my presence.

Why the heck are you attending anyway if not to meet people, make contacts and perhaps even do some business! It’s just not cool to be aloof in a situation in which friendly and professional behaviors totally rule.

So give a smile—say “hi” to me—I don’t want to be your new best friend but maybe, just maybe, I want to be your referral source.

Think about it.