What If Beyonce Sung a Song About Networking?

Whether or not you like Beyonce, you have to admit she’s a super star.  Gyrating and tossing her hair during half-time at the Super Bowl and rocking the crowd with songs, wow, that girl sure knows how to work a crowd.

And perhaps nothing works up the crowd more than her hit song “Single Ladies.”  Why it’s become an anthem for unwed women that know first-hand the cult of the non-committed and the freakishly tiring world of endless dating.

Gosh Beyonce, I sure wish that you could do a similar song for networking!

Call me crazy but really just think about it:

1)    Don’t you have networking contacts that you wish would be more loyal and make a commitment….to you?

2)    Aren’t you tired of the folks that seem to be quite satisfied with receiving and totally forget about giving?

3)    Haven’t you ever had a networking contact suddenly become more interested in you because they noticed you were also networking with some of their competition? (What took them so long to notice?)

Anyway, I’m no Beyonce so don’t expect any songs from me anytime soon.

But it seems to me that maybe some creative networker out there could come up with some lyrics that fit the bill.

Then we could bring it to Jaz-Z.

And maybe even get our own ringtone!

Heck, ya never know, right?



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