Top Tips On Networking From Adrian’s Network Members

Adrian’s Network is jam-packed with some of the most experienced and proficient networkers out there.

Many A’s Netters have been networking for many many many years, long before it became a national pastime, well for business owners anyway.

I thought that it would be fun to go out to our community and see what words of networking wisdom could be shared by members and I’ll be posting them over the weeks and months to come.

Here ya go:

While everyone in business can be a potential networking resource, it is best to target your networking activities to (A) those in an influencer role that connects to your client base and (B) with people who truly understand the power of networking. “B” is critical–many go through the motions but do not understand the “giving” aspect of networking.

By Dominick Bencivenga, Freelance Financial

I must say that I totally agree with Dominick. You can’t network EVERYWHERE and with EVERYONE. For sanity’s sake, you must be strategic about your networking endeavors. And as for networking with folks that “get it” well, that seems to be absolutely fundamental.

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