Top 5 Online Twitter Tools

I don’t know about you but Twitter is on my “things that I must do better” list. Here Ajax Union shares some great ideas on how to maximize this powerful social media tool:

From Ajax Union:

Twitter can be a fickle beast; it’s not as easy to tame as some other social media sites. That’s because it takes a lot of effort to really grow your audience and to make sure you are reaching to the right people who do want you on their feed. Keeping on top of updates can be easier with a few different online Twitter tools:

HootSuite: HootSuite is a fantastic social media manager.  There are free accounts that let you access all of your social media accounts, and paid upgrades that give you far more options in reaching out to others and even setting up several users on a single account.

TweetDeck: TweetDeck is often used by small businesses who may be running a couple of different Twitter accounts and want to be able to log in to all of them at the same time. The interface lets you view your feed, your own profile and your direct messages all at the same time.

TweetChat: TweetChat is perfect if you are having a Twitter chat event, otherwise known as a “Twitter party.” It is an easy way to follow everyone and every tweet using a specific hashtag. You can keep better track of those interacting and reply quickly.

Twitalyzer:  While paid, Twitalyzer can be a very useful tool for businesses. Think of it as Google Analytics for your Twitter account. It’s in depth reports and easy to read graphs make it a must for businesses who are serious about their social media.

TwileShare: This online tool give you 1GB of space to share files through your Twitter account; pictures, audio files, videos, pdfs, whatever you are trying to send out to your audience. You can keep track of all your files and even see stats of who is viewing them.

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