The Wellness Model

One of the most prevalent New Year’s resolutions is to “be more healthy” but how many people really “stick to it” for more than a few weeks or months at the most?

But wouldn’t it be great if more people did?  Here are some great pointers by Dr. Gabriel Nadel of Everest Chiropractic:

In the prevailing medical model someone goes to the doctor when they feel ill. But wouldn’t it be nice to avoid getting sick in the first place? Welcome to the Wellness Model of healthcare where preventative medicine prevails. This healthcare approach is centered on keeping patients out of the doctor’s office, not just getting them better when they come in. The current healthcare model is broken and bankrupt, and it’s time for a change that can benefit doctors, patients, and the healthcare system as a whole. The reality of the situation is that everyone needs to take more responsibility for their own health. We need to be more proactive in our healthcare and less reactive. How might that be that be achieved? The answer is simpler than you might think (although not necessarily easier).

Eat well, think well, and move well. These three areas are the key to healthy living and staying out of the doctor’s office.

Move well: Chiropractic offers a unique and effective form of healthcare that focuses on ensuring proper movement of the spine. By keeping proper spinal motion, the nervous system, which comes from within the spine, is able to function without any “short circuits” or interference. It is important to have an optimized nervous system because it’s our body’s control center. Our immune system is controlled from the nerves of our upper neck, our lungs from the upper back, our digestive system from the low back, and so on. Working to ensure these nerves are functioning at their best enables the body to respond to any external or internal threat in the most effective manner. Maintaining proper spinal hygiene and optimizing the nervous system is an integral part of wellness care. Maintaining proper motion goes beyond just in the spine, it entails staying physically active too. Exercising 2-4 times a week is essential to staying healthy, strong, and vibrant.

Eat well: If there is one piece of advice I can give you with regards to eating well it would be to eat like we have been eating for thousands of years up until 100 years ago. Eat nuts, meats, fish, eggs, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid process foods like cereal, crackers, cakes, fast food. Typically, the quicker it rots the healthier it is for you. (Example: a fruit versus a canned product).

Thinking well: A positive mental attitude goes a long way towards keeping you healthy and out of the doctor’s office. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself like a friend. Take baby steps towards your goals and don’t beat yourself up when you take a step backwards. And if all else fails, get help from a professional.  Happiness is always just a few smart daily decisions away. No one but yourself is responsible for your happiness. Make it a priority. Life is short.

Join the wellness revolution and take your health into your own hands. See you neighborhood friendly chiropractor, start eating better, and make your happiness a priority. It’s your life and it’s your responsibility to reach your peak and maximize your life. Come in today to Everest Chiropractic to see how we can partner with you to better your health.




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