Sweat Those Pesky Details

Those pesky details – they’ll trip you up every time won’t they?

You know those little things that make the project perfectly correct, keep the client happy, and ensure that you get paid. Yes, those details, and yes, crossing those I’s and dotting those T’s can be a true pain in the butt.

Being detail oriented can be an elusive skill for some of us. Here’s how you can do it better:

Focus. Avoid distractions as much as possible or train yourself to ignore them and make sure that your mind stays put on what it is doing. Hint…internal distractions are even more problematic than external distractions. Everyone has “things” going on in their lives; the key is to compartmentalize and push them aside when you are doing your work.

Review your work and do it twice if necessary. We all make mistakes but the key is to catch them before they can do damage. Reread everything twice, don’t send an email without looking at the names of the recipients, maintain a thorough to-do list and check it every few hours to make sure you are on track. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks!

Believe that the details count. It’s very easy to become somewhat laissez faire about your deliverables especially when you are busy. Many of us put things off until tomorrow even when we shouldn’t and we don’t always reflect on the ramifications of our inaction. The most important thing that you can do is to be able to prioritize what is due. Some things can be left to for the next day and other things cannot. Know the difference and if you’re not sure, ask.

Set high expectations and exceed them.  At the end of the day the best strategy is to set high expectations for yourself and then exceed them. No BS, be able to look in the mirror and know that you did your very best.



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