Size Counts!

Yep, we all know the old cliche, “size counts.”

Mmm, maybe not:

–People get all excited because they have a gazillion LinkedIn followers but when asked if they’re really connecting individually or doing any business, the answer is usually “no.”

–People covet having a really big house and then find that the size of the home doesn’t equate to the happiness within.

–People build their database without much consideration for the proper screening and qualifying of those on the list. The size is misleading because so many aren’t suitable for their product or service.

I’m not one to promote size but rather I always stress to my clients that it is quality over quantity any day.

The same holds true with networking. A couple of great networking partners and you might very well be good to go. Don’t clutter your networking life with folks that don’t “lead with generosity” because you may waste your time and get off course.

In this case, less may very well be more.


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