Second Guessing My Networking Decision

If you’re like me you lead a very busy life juggling the responsibilities of home and work and then of course, there’s networking. It’s not work in the truest sense of the word but boy oh boy, does it take time, energy and stamina. Throw in some money and patience and I think we have it covered.

If you’re reading this then you might be on the Adrian’s Network website and so by now you might have figured out that I run a pretty robust networking group with 8-10 different meetings per month. The meetings alone keep me pretty busy and when you add in the individual get-togethers, I’m spending a vast amount of time networking with the group.

So do you fault me at all when I say that it is sometimes difficult to get up the energy to attend meetings run by other groups especially when I am led to believe that I am going to know a large majority of the people there?

Well lately I’ve been second guessing myself and using the “ya never know” line of thinking.

  • Ya never know if I will meet my next new client
  • Ya never know if I will run into a terrific new referral source
  • Ya never know how many new people I’ll be able to connect with

Yep, ya never know.

Right now business is great and maybe that’s got me a bit cocky but to tell the truth I’m just not sure. My indecision about attending usually means that I don’t go but my plan for first quarter in 2015 is to make it a point of going to at least 2 new meetings or events per month.

Heck, two is a reasonable number and even with a heavy work load and a busy schedule for Adrian’s Network, I should be able to do it, right?

Heck, ya never know.

(What’s been your experience? Are you networking more but without the results that you need or want? Should I go or shouldn’t I:) )

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