Sales Must-do’s

There are sales must-do’s and there are sales nice to-do’s. Ignore the must-do’s and you run the risk of undermining your sales success and associated revenues.

Here are a few of the must do’s that you should begin…immediately:

Sure you should prospect but what about the gold that exists in your current database? Existing accounts, dormant accounts, leads that you pitched but did not win the business, all of these folks represent sales opportunities just as long as you market and sell to them correctly. Do ALL of your clients know ALL of your products or services or are they buying something that you could provide from someone else? (For shame!) Have you mined your clients to uncover additional buying needs? How about those dormant accounts? Can you reactivate the business?

Parents always tell their kids that they must be patient but somehow we forget their words as we get older.  Yes, patient. Business development can take months, or even years, and if you allow yourself to “fall off the grid” during this time of “wooing” then you will have no opportunity at all of winning the business.  Use the three I’s to be visible (information, invitations, introductions) and don’t forget to add value to the relationship BEFORE there is a relationship. (Give me a call if you need help on creating your 3 I’s.)

What the heck makes you different in the marketplace? And does this difference equate to an improvement in your customer’s situation? Unless you can cogently explain what makes you different (and then lead the prospect to see that your points of differentiation also make you better), you will not be able to present effectively and get someone to see the value of your product or service, forget about persuading them to buy it.

Simple stuff really but the kind of things that when overlooked impact your bottom-line.

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