Sales 101: What’s Your Budget?

So you need to buy a car. Or a house. Or a coat.  Or a ______, it doesn’t much matter, simply fill in the blank.

You NEED to buy and because you have that need (and the “want” too) then you know that you have to spend some money. In fact, you might even have that number in your head or at least a close approximation of what you may need to spend and, of course, what you can afford to spend.

In my 27 years of sales experience it has been a rare client that had absolutely no idea, yep, not a freakin’ clue of what they could afford in order to implement some sort of sales and/or marketing program.

Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes they need a wee bit of education on the matter, like if they believe that $500 could get them 50 hours of consulting AND a new website AND a direct marketing campaign thrown in for good measure. That’s nutty, right. No one would think that! Well, let’s just suppose that they do and so then it’s our job as the consultant/sales person/advisor to educate them on what is involved, what’s the value and what the approximate investment (range) will be.

But don’t fall into the age-old trap of quoting a project without making certain that the prospect understands that there is money to be spent and that there will be a benefit and value that is gained from this investment.

It’s imperative to get a clear idea of what THEY are thinking so that you can present the right program/s for their unique situation and budget.

Don’t wimp out on asking the tough questions:) The more you ask the more the prospect will tell you what you need to know in order to close the business.

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