Playing the Networking Game

Make no mistake about it – networking is a contact sport requiring all participants to actively play the game. Being on the receiving end of getting introductions is fantastic; never offering anything inĀ  return will rightfully label you as a “taker” and someone that most networkers will avoid.

Here are a few things to keep you at the top of your networking game:

Set a weekly target and make proactive introductions for select people in your network. Don’t be reactive and wait for people to ask for an introduction; be forthcoming and do it proactively.

Networking take time. You must be patient and diligently plant seeds before you will see any ROT (return on time).

Create a group of “power partners” with whom you can actively network and share introductions. The main commonality in the group – everyone involved is a PROACTIVE networker.

Never forget to say “thanks” regardless of whether the introduction turns into business or not. Politeness counts.

Be sincere. Everyone can sniff out someone that makes bogus introductions just because he or she feels that they “have” to do it.

Have fun. Since networking takes time and energy you may as well have fun while you are doing it. Engage in networking activities that fit your personality and don’t “force” yourself to join anything that feels wrong.

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