Plaaaaay Ball!

You email me to schedule a date.
I email back and tell you the suggested date doesn’t work and I suggest a few other options.

You email back and say sorry that date doesn’t work for me but I have a few suggestions.
I email back with my regrets because your suggestion doesn’t work for me!

And so it goes.

On and on with no end in sight unless you…


Back in the day (don’t you actually hate people that use that phrase) we didn’t really need to go through this endless volley to schedule an appointment.

What was different then was that we simply picked up the phone and hammered out the plan in no more than a minute or two. Sure there was the chance of not getting the person in the office but back in the day (!) we seemed to be in our offices more as well.

AND we had secretaries and admins that helped us with our calendars and often scheduled appointments for us if they saw an open time slot.

I’m being honest here but I’ve gone back and forth 5 times with someone that is as busy as I and I finally pulled the plug and asked if we could just talk on the phone and maybe even right then and there since we were emailing each other anyway.

What happened next was radio silence. The guy disappeared from sight.

Maybe he didn’t really want to schedule that appointment anyway or maybe the idea of a phone call was too off putting. I’m just not sure.

What I am sure of is that we need to put the phone to better use and curtail the endless emails that drag out scheduling, decision-making and other situations that could be resolved faster if we could just speak with one another.

Let’s make a date to network and learn more about each. Why not call me?!


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