How Many Networking Introductions Have You Made This Week?

So how many networking introductions have you made this week?  I don’t mean the kind that come about because someone that you know asked if you could introduce them to a (FILL IN THE BLANK  –  a web developer, plumber or accountant); no, I don’t mean those kind at all. They’re easy, a slam dunk and when they come along it’s truly magnificent because you can connect two people and both of them will benefit.

It’s easy, reactive, wonderful and well, doesn’t happen with that much frequency. No, what I am referring to are the networking introductions that you make proactively, when you see potential business synergies and opportunities for two people to add value to each other because:

  1. They work with the same market and since they don’t do the same sort of work they can potentially introduce each other to new contacts.
  2. The work they provide is very synergistic and each of them can collaborate with the other on their individual client projects.
  3. They are both great networkers and because they are so intrinsically inclined to make networking introductions they should, by default, know each other too!

These are proactive introductions and frankly, these are the kind of introductions that can be accomplished each day of the week.

So I ask you, how many networking introductions did you made this week?




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