No Reply

Really. No reply huh! So here’s what is going through my mind:

Then why did you attend that networking meeting / event in the first place?

Did you really think that you would be able to build a relationship right at the meeting? I mean, how much time did we get to chat anyway?

I don’t really know you and you sure as hell don’t know me. I mean you hardly asked me any questions but i thought we would go over those details when we got to meet.

So really, no reply to my email and call that merely expressed how glad I was meet you and how I hoped we could schedule time for some one to one networking. You seemed pretty interested when we were chatting at the meeting.

So once again, why did you attend? It sure seems a waste of time if you’re not going to follow-up or reply.

So think about it. Do you participate in networking activities but neither reach out yourself or are non-responsive when one of your fellow networkers takes the initiative to send an email or make a call. And if that’s the case, are you really getting the maximum return on your networking time?

My guess is no. Networking requires active and continued follow-up. Relationships aren’t built over-night and no one will make an introduction or give you a referral until they know and trust you.

So take the time to be proactive and of course, ALWAYS be responsive to folks who reach out to you. You never know what may evolve and as they say, you have nothing to lose.

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