No Networking Follow-Up? What’s Up With That?!

How many times have you attended a networking function, engaged in conversations, gathered the requisite cards and followed-up afterwards only to get minimal callbacks and responses to your emails.

What’s up with that? (Dare I ask, could you be that person who doesn’t follow-up?)

Showing up at events is great but REALLY we all know that business is rarely going to get transacted at the networking event.

It takes time. Relationships must be built, trust must be earned and that doesn’t happen while clutching a glass of wine and standing around shooting the breeze with some new contacts.

It’s not called net WORKING for nothing you know.


  • Make sure you reach out to connect with the contacts you made at the event. Do it in a timely manner. Following up weeks later makes you appear as if you aren’t at the top of your game.
  • Remember to reach out to explore “synergies” and not simply to cement how the other person can help YOU. Networking is reciprocal and if you can’t figure out how you can help the other person then you need to re-examine your networking tactics.
  • Don’t give up too soon. Persistence is a key attribute in the networking game.

Although networking can certainly be a numbers “game,” quality is better than quantity. You don’t need to gather the cards from everyone at the networking event. Be strategic in your conversations and understand that the real work starts AFTER the event.

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