Networking Zombies: The Breakfast Saga

Although I’m an early morning person that pops out of bed well before the light of day and totally enjoys the early morning hours before there is too much going on and when I can simply catch up on news and emails with a strong cup of coffee and my cats for company and little, if no interruptions.

Yep that’s me but despite all that early morning cheer I am simply not a networking breakfast type of girl.

Yes I know it’s a good way to start the day and ending at 9AM you don’t have to “interrupt” the rest of the day.  And yes I know that some people simply can’t “get out of their offices” mid-day.

Sure I know all of this but still, 8AM networking just isn’t in my DNA.

  1. I don’t believe that networking is interrupting anything. It is an integral part of my business building and marketing efforts and so I embrace the time that must be spent and use it as effectively as possible.
  2. There are lots of evening events that get me home after 8 or 9PM. Now I don’t know about you but I always have “stuff” to do in the evening. Clean up and respond to remaining emails, tidy around the house, prepare for the next day…all matter of things that must be accomplished and if I have a morning networking event, well, it seems like I really don’t have enough “home-time” in which I can take care of business or simply veg.
  3. Call me crass but some networkers do look like zombies early in the morn. (They shape up rather well later on in the day when they have their mojo going!) Their eyes are fixed, mouth slightly open and more than a few seem to shuffle into the room.  (Alright maybe I’m exaggerating but go with me here. Just trying to make a point.)

This doesn’t mean that I won’t hold and attend morning meetings. Of course I will. I just need to make certain that I’m not one of the Networking Zombies that often haunt the room.

Oh yeah, see ya today at an Adrian’s Network lunch meeting.  Check out our calendar. We have meetings for morning zombies and lunch meetings too:)


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