Networking & The Dog Days of Summer

We’re heading into the proverbial “dog days of summer.” Lots of people are on vacation, half-day Fridays, a slower pace brought about by the heat and weather induced lethargy…what’s an active networker to do?

Well, in these kick-back times the smart networker does exactly the opposite and kicks it up just a notch.

  • Less people out there?  Great, that means less competition for you!
  • Less projects getting started? Great, that means you plant the seeds and when things get back in gear in the Fall, you’ll already be teed up and ready to rock ‘n roll!
  • Weather-induced lethargy? Great, less sales resistance too!

Yes, I know that it is summer but that’s no reason to let your networking and business building fall apart. Make it a point to stay visible and connected and you will reap the rewards come Fall.

And while we’re discussing networking, how about checking out the calendar on this website. Adrian’s Network maintains an active networking schedule throughout the summer and I guarantee that you’ll be able to find a date that works for you.



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