Networking on Long Island

If you live and / or work on Long Island, you know that there is no shortage of networking groups, meeting or events to grab your attention and your time.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, you can go to one or all and unless you have an excess amount of time (and money), you’d be wise to set forth your networking plan of attack and if you don’t I can pretty much guarantee that some amount of burn-out will occur.

For instance:

  • Who are you trying to meet both in terms of potential referral sources or even clients themselves? Not every group attracts your prospective client or referral audience. If that’s the case, then why would you waste time and monmey by attending those meetings.
  • What’s your optimal time of day? Don’t push yourself to network at 7AM if you aren’t a “morning person.”  There are plenty of groups and meetings that occur at other times of the day or evening. (Shameless plug:  Adrian’s Network meets at all times of the day and evening!)
  • What’s your budget? Some groups can be very costly; others not so and it is best to determine how much money you’d like to spend on your networking endeavors. (Another shameless plug: Adrian’s Network is THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE networking group out there!)

Remember that networking takes time. It’s certainly possible that you can make a great contact after attending just one meeting but more often you will need to plant seeds and nurture them before you will see substantive results.

Don’t pull the (networking) plug too soon. Be patient and yes, networking can work for you.

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