Networking Nasties: When You Encounter Them Just Move On

I went to a networking event last night. It was a casual “hang out at the bar” kind of thing; no agenda, no spotlight announcements, nothing but conversation and the opportunity to meet some new people.

Now I must admit to being less than a strong proponent of these types of unstructured events where folks mill about and thrust cards at one another. But this was different. People were more mellow, there was no card thrusting to be seen and there was a general air of good will.

A nice summer evening.

But even within this nice little cocoon of camaraderie there still occurred some instances of the networking nasties.

Why do people attend networking events if they’re not open and receptive to meeting new people?

It boggles my mind when people are immediately dismissive because they THINK you can’t be a help TO THEM? I’m particularly sensitive to this because many folks upon learning that I have a very small business determine that my contacts would not benefit them and hence move on to greener conversational pastures.

A simple thing to remember:  give everyone a chance! I’m not saying that you have to spend your entire networking evening speaking with just one person but don’t draw automatic conclusions based on little, if any, information.

You simply don’t know what opportunities you might be passing up by ASSUMING someone is “not worthy.”

(Note to the commercial real estate broker that basically turned their back on me:  find out about the 150,000 sq ft lease deal I turned over to another commercial broker!)





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