Networking Game Plan

We’re getting down to the (end-of-year) wire and besides making plans for how I will enjoy my New Year’s Eve (I’ll be in New Orleans!) I’m also planning how I will conduct my networking in the year ahead.

Of course, Adrian’s Network will play a large role and I’m excited about what this new year will bring for our community. Lots of exciting plans and new opportunities to engage, connect and share leads, but there is more playing around in my head as well.  Personal things like:

  • Have I been diligent enough in my follow-up?
  • Have I made enough introductions for my contacts?
  • Have I specifically requested introductions and what happened when I asked?
  • Do I expect too much and give too little?
  • Should I “divorce” some of my networking contacts that seem to be prodigious takers without any sign of giving?
  • Where do I get my best ROT (return on time)?
  • How can I improve my results?

I mean this is the PERFECT time to be mulling this over and I am doing so in a very organized manner. Sure it takes time but, well, networking takes time too.

How about you? Have you started to develop your 2014 networking game plan?  Are you making any changes?

I’m always amazed by those folks that seem to be incredibly visible on the networking “circuit” yet if you probe them and ask about the results generated by their efforts they are often very vague or downright negative.

If that’s the case then why do it at all, or at least so frequently. Visibility is important but if there is no business being generated (and you’ve been doing it for a long enough time), then it’s smart to ask yourself pretty much the same questions that I’ve listed above.

(But don’t cross off networking just yet. It might be that your own techniques and strategies need some revising!)

In any case, and for me anyway, networking will continue to play a huge role in my own business-building endeavors. It’s been 27 years now and I don’t see any reason to stop doing the one thing that has proven to be effective year in and year out.

But I may fine-tune just a wee bit. Yep, I’ll be doing that as well.

Here’s to a super fab 2014!



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