Networkers Beware!

To my fellow networkers, beware if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  1. The networking contact with whom you are meeting spends the entire time telling you about their products / services and never once do they turn the tables and ask you to tell them about your business and what it is you do or how you do it.
  2. You notice that you have made scads of introductions to a fellow networker but have gotten nothing in return. I don’t mean one, I don’t mean two, but many many introductions that have been welcomed and accepted but not reciprocated. (Note: what goes around may NEVER come around.)
  3. A networking contact makes some introductions however the people to whom they are introducing you do not respond to your email or telephone contacts. When you ask the person who made the original introduction, they tell you that the contact is “extremely busy” and just be patient. (Really. And you’re just sitting around reading the NYT and playing on Facebook?!)
  4. The person to whom you’re been introduced tells you about the folks that they sell to and/or network with. You listen patiently, ask questions and then when you interject that you too work with and network with the same types of individuals / companies and think that there might be some sort of exchange of contacts, they simply ignore your comment and continue to reference their own needs.

Anyone you know?  No, then count yourself lucky but if in fact you recognize some of these scenarios then stay vigilant and be ready to cut yourself loose before too much time is wasted.