My Personal Networking Intentions for 2018

I’ve been an avid networker for the past 30 years and have built my successful sales consulting and training business through the contacts and connections I’ve made through networking.

Although my networking strategies have proven to be effective I always find it beneficial to take a close look each year at what I am doing with the idea that perhaps I can tweak things just a bit and recognize even better results:

Here’s what I am tweaking this year. Perhaps some of these modifications might work for you too:

1. I will go deeper with my networking contacts meaning that we will meet in-person or speak on the phone more regularly in order to get a better understanding of how we can help each other. Of course, I can’t do that with everyone but I can certainly do it with a percentage of my contacts.

2. I’m going to be even more proactive than I already am meaning that I will make more introductions by reaching out to clients (active and dormant), prospects and other networking resources and put them together with the idea that there are specific mutual business synergies worth exploring.

3. I will be cognizant of the “reciprocity” of the people that I introduce and if introductions or shows of interest in helping aren’t forthcoming I will re-evaluate the overall networking relationship.

4. I will invest the time and money to explore a small number of new groups and events in the attempt to expand my horizons.

5. I will be more proactive about asking for help. In the past, I’ve been fairly loathed to reach out and ask for introductions or help in any way and I realize that asking is just about the only way that I will receive anything.

I’m happy (ecstatic really) to report that I’ve started to do all of these things with some wonderful results. What about you? Is it “same old, same old” or do you assess how you are networking and then modify as required. As in most of my work I find that taking a step back to reflect on “how I’m doing” is sometimes all it takes to realize I have to change things up a bit in order to be more effective. Let me know if I can help you brainstorm some new ideas.

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