My Mom Would Have Called This Chutzpah

I’m a pretty avid networker and can always be counted on to make introductions and connections between people that I feel can benefit each other. I tend to look at the mutual benefits rather than a one way intro (ex., a good lead for me is….) and work pretty hard at being giving and  responsive.

This includes, of course, helping folks that are in transition (aka looking for a new position). I get lots of resumes, forward them on when I can, offer career advice and basically do whatever I can do to help folks through what may be a difficult time.

So imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago I am introduced to someone that is indeed looking for a new opportunity.  The cyber introduction provided us with each other’s email and so I responded and said that I’d be happy to schedule time to chat and see how I could help.

No reply.

I waited a few days, rechecked the email address and resent the email. Once again, no reply.

Now I know that I could have searched for their telephone number and gone the extra mile to get in contact with them but truly I didn’t have all that much time to attend to this matter.

A few days ago I happened to see the person that put us together and when I mentioned the lack of reply she said oh she is probably busy.

What? Too busy to respond to a person that offers help, too busy to even hit reply and say that she’d circle back when things were less chaotic.

Yep, chutzpah as my mom would have said. I just call it poor networking etiquette.

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